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Rare Diamond in Advocacy

This category honours individuals that exemplify commitment to ensure our patients' needs remain top priority. These individuals have shown true commitment to advocate for policies that expand healthcare to benefit patients, ultimately representing the patients voice.

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Rare Diamond in Healthcare

This category honours individuals who have shown excellence in advancing and transforming health care in South Africa.  The nominees need to be admired for their achievements and respected for their professionalism, compassion and care. The range of their activities might include coaching programs, transformation of practices etc.

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Rare Diamond Warrior

This award honours an individual who lives with a rare disease, but despite the tough circumstances is living a life beyond disease. They are a true inspiration to not only healthy individuals but they have inspired the rare disease community to keep pushing through despite the odds.

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Rare Diamond Project

This award honours individuals that have led and implemented innovative projects that aimed to deliver better health care solutions. The project has shown strong results in improving the life of our rare disease patients.

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Rare Diamond Support Group

This award recognizes and honours a group that gives up their time to support and work closely with people affected by a rare disease. They have offered a hub that not only patients, but carers and families can be part of for help and advice to improve the quality of life of those living with a rare disease.

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Rare Diamond Tribute

This award seeks to recognize an individual who effected the most change and dedicated their lives to making changes for those impacted by Rare Diseases.

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